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Laura Goellner

"Focused Wellness Therapeutics" LLC

 Yoga Practice - Philosophy - Therapy

Anatomy of Yoga Workshop Series

With Laura Through Zoom

This series of 10 Mini workshops will blend lecture and practice to cover the essential components of Human Anatomy for every Yoga Teacher. This workshop series makes anatomy engaging and directly applicable to what you do as a yoga teacher - no dry memorization here!

The series will be held over Zoom on alternating Friday nights 7:15 to 9:15 pm EST Nov. 2020 to April 2021 at a price of $30/workshop

See Schedulicity for the full list of dates & topics or to sign up for the Anatomy workshops: Here 

Virtual Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the skilled application of the yogic tools to bring about healing and optimal wellness. Laura combines her experience as a yoga teacher and an Occupational Therapist to customize each session. 

Schedule a Virtual Session

Virtual Teaching: Yoga Anatomy for YTT

Many yoga teachers do not feel comfortable with the anatomy segment of YTT- that is where Laura can help. Laura's experience as a Therapist & yoga teacher has prepared her to teach this sometimes overwhelming topic in a way that is easy to absorb and is directly applicable to being a more competent yoga teacher!

Anatomy For Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

Having guidance from an experienced yoga teacher can help new teachers gain confidence and direction in their new role as a yoga teacher. Laura is uniquely qualified to offer guidance to teachers looking to specialize in therapeutic practice or to go on to ear a certification as a Yoga Therapist. 

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My Book: Yoga Therapy At The Wall

Instant PDF download on Etsy: Digital Format

Download Laura's Book Now

Online Course: "Foundations in Anatomy and Body Science for Yoga Teachers"

10 hour course on that can be plugged into your teacher training course as Non-Contact hours in the 30 Hour Anatomy unit. 

Enroll in this Udemy Course

My Book: Yoga Therapy At The Wall

Full Color Printed Book from 

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Laura's Yoga YouTube Channel

Yoga Practice videos, Lectures and Yoga Therapy videos

Watch Laura's Yoga Videos

The Yoga Focus Podcast

Listen to episodes about yoga anatomy, advice for new teachers and how to utilize yoga in therapy

Listen to the Yoga Focus Podcast

Laura's Travel & Lifestyle YouTube Channel

"Let New Adventures Begin" documents Laura's travels, her life in a 192 sq. foot tiny house on wheels and her outdoor adventures!

"Let New Adventures Begin!" 

Foundations in Anatomy & Body Science Part 2

Muscle Physiology & Function

In the 2nd part of my Online Course through Udemy we will learn about how the Soft Tissues of the body are Structured and how that impacts the way they function. This includes how to stretch a muscle (5 ways) how muscles contract, the job of fascia and how to improve the resilience of these tissues through progressive and varied loading. Click Here to access the course, or see the link below for part 1. 

Nature Therapy & Lifestyle Medicine

Regaining a natural connection 

Our connection to the natural world is vital to our overall health. Laura utilizes nature in her work as an Occupational Therapist as well as a Yoga Therapist through the practice of "Lifestyle Medicine" - making contact with nature part of your daily lifestyle. This may include practicing yoga outside, forest bathing, walking on the beach, camping, meditation by a body of water, earthing or even renting a camper (see below for my vintage style fiberglass trailer rental). 

Scamp RV Rental

Nature Therapy + Comfort

As part of Nature Therapy Laura encourages her clients to get outside- if sleeping on the ground is not your thing using a camper is a great option. This offers the best combination of contact with nature while still having access to all the creature comforts like a bed, a bathroom and a fridge! You can rent Laura's 16 foot Scamp Travel Trailer and go on a nature retreat of your own at

Yoga for the Lymphatic System

Yoga Therapy 

The Lymphatic System relies on movement and breath to function effectively, making yoga one of the most effective ways of improving Lymphatic flow. This often ignored system is vital to our immune function and recent research has shown it is also a vital part of brain health. Laura has been working as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist since 2016, working with individuals experiencing swelling due to cancer treatment, surgery or hereditary circulatory conditions. Yoga for the lymphatic system is also a great way to support overall health and recovery following athletic events. To schedule a session with Laura that focuses on the Lymphatic System click Here: Schedulicity

Yoga for Parkinson's Disease & Neurological Conditions

Yoga Therapy 

Yoga is a system that communicates directly with the nervous system. We use breathing, movement and sensory input to convey a message to the body's control center to facilitate relaxation. Recent research has shown how yoga can be effective in the management of both the motor and non-motor (emotional) symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Laura Has been working in a specialty outpatient neurological clinic since 2015. She is certified in LSVT BIG for Parkinson's Disease and incorporates her knowledge as an Occupational Therapist into each of her yoga sessions. To schedule a virtual session with Laura click Here: Schedulicity

Kundalini Yoga for Energy Management

Therapeutic Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a practice that is extremely effective at helping us to work through difficult emotions, to break up patterns of stagnation and to find a deep inner resource of energy. Kundalini yoga is all about awakening the powerful dormant energy that is already inside each of us, but is often not being utilized. The movement patterns, breath work, chanting and deep meditation techniques of Kundalini yoga can help us to harness our energy like no other form of yoga. To Schedule a virtual Kundalini yoga session with Laura click here: Schedulicity

Meditation and Breath work for Anxiety, Depression and Focus

Therapeutic Session

Yoga gives us many techniques for communicating with our nervous system, our body's command center. These techniques can be used to train the mind, redirect our attention, harness our natural energy and foster a state of calm focus. The process of working with an experienced teacher will start with an assessment to determine what your goals are and what techniques will be beneficial to you. Then Laura will teach you the techniques that you can integrate into your daily life that will be the most effective at managing anxiety, alleviating depression and maintaining that sense of focus and connection that we all want to achieve. To Schedule a virtual session with Laura click here: Schedulicity

Click here To schedule an appointment with Laura, in person or virtually, 

Schedule Now

Laura has partnered with Julie Brown of "Bliss For Every Body" Yoga to facilitate the Anatomy portion of TT

Julie is incorporating Laura's Yoga Anatomy Training into her Yoga Teacher Training Course

You can find more information on this at and


Yoga At the Wall: TBA

 Massage Therapy: 

At Body In Balance Physical Therapy & Hummingbird Yoga, Linwood NJ

Thai Yoga Bodywork 

 Massage and Manual Stretching

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Thai Yoga bodywork combines passive yoga stretches with massage techniques to relax the body and quiet the mind. Each technique works to open the energy channels of the body to create balance and leave the receiver feeling calm yet invigorated. A Thai Bodywork session incorporates elements of acupressure, massage, meditation, assisted stretching, joint mobilizations, energy work and yoga postures with a basis in the science of Ayurveda.

For More Information on Thai Massage Look at the Blog Post: Thai Yoga Bodywork/ Thai Massage

The Graston Technique: 

 The Graston Technique is a form of Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Stainless steel instruments are used to manipulate soft tissue in order to break up adhesions, soften scar tissue, release trigger points, lengthen muscle tissue and treat areas of pain. This technique is especially effective in the treatment of tendonitis, fascia restrictions or inflammation and areas of chronic muscle tightness. The Graston Technique can be added into any Massage Therapy session, Thai Massage or Yoga Therapy session. 

**Gift Certificates Available**


Contact Laura to Schedule an appointment at 609-992-9548 or [email protected]


Private Sessions

Initial Consultation & Evaluation

90 minutes: $95

-A full review of medical history, conditions and issues

-A complete evaluation of posture and alignment

- A systematic assessment of each joint and muscle group. Through this process, areas of tension, weakness and instability can be identified.

-Set up of the initial Home Exercise Program to address client goals


1 hour private Yoga Therapy Session: $65

-Customized therapeutic yoga practice to address areas of pain, tension, weakness and instability

-This may include traditional yoga postures, stretching and strengthening movements, the use of props, chair yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Graston Technique Soft Tissue Mobilization, Massage techniques or body rolling.

-Update and modify Home Exercise Program 

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