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Laura Goellner

"Focused Wellness Therapeutics" LLC

 Yoga Practice - Philosophy - Therapy


My Teaching Style:

I approach teaching yoga in a way that is accessible to all students with a focus on safety, alignment and body awareness. I am always exploring how adaptable the practice of yoga is...which makes each of my classes unique.

Teaching beginner yoga students is an important role that I love to take on, providing a strong foundation and fundamental understanding of Yoga.

My classes are structured in a loose vinyasa style, with a thorough warm up and abdominal strengthening sequence, followed by a gradual progression of poses and a steady unwinding to Savasana. Each class has a specific focus area mixed in with poses to strengthen and stretch the entire body matched with breathwork. My work as an Occupational Therapist often leads me to include therapeutic applications of yoga poses and breathing exercises.

No one should ever think "I am not flexible enough (or strong enough or healthy enough) to practice yoga". The practice of yoga contains such an expansive degree of variety and adaptability that it can fit into anyone's life if they are open to it...and if they have the right teacher to guide them.

Always remember...the best teacher is within will always know what you need from your practice and what the best expression of each pose is for you if you are able to listen to your body and read its signals.

Yoga should not be should be blissful!

 My Yoga Bio:

My first experience with yoga was during the summer between high school and college. I got myself a Denise Austin yoga video in an effort to avoid gaining the freshman 15 at college, since I was no longer involved in organized sports. After toppling out of several poses I stopped the tape and decided that yoga just wasnt for me. The next morning I woke up and felt better then I had after any other type of exercise. I decided to try that video again and from that point on I was hooked on yoga.

During my Sophmore year of college I took my passion for yoga to the next step, earning a basic teacher certification and starting a class at my school. Two years later I studied at Yoga Nine in Smithville NJ to earn my 200 hour RYT certification.

In the future I hope to study Therapeutic Yoga to earn my 500 hour certification. I would also like to write a book or maybe make a DVD one day!

My Bio:

I grew up in the mountains of north Jersey, with a love of the outdoors from the start. I graduated High school in 2003 and moved to south jersey for college. I spent the next 4 years working on my BA in Psychology with a minor in fine art and oil painting. During college I worked as a yoga teacher and a mural artist. I continued on at Richard Stockton College for another two and a half years to earn a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. I spent some time working as a home care therapist, followed by several years in a sub-acute rehabilitation center. Now I work in an outpatient rehabilitation clinic/wellness center in Linwood NJ: Body In Balance Rehabilitation and Fitness center.

When I am not at work or practicing yoga/pilates I can be found working on my Tiny House, playing with my dog, camping and hiking, kayaking, or scrapbooking.